About The Author

KC is...
~living @ the Philippines
~a preacher's daughter
~the eldest of three kids
~a minimalist @ heart

~Freelance Writer
~Soon-to-be Entrepreneur!

She loves:

She likes:
~creating beautiful DIY projects
~traveling, especially alone

Her ultimate dream and goal in life is to be able to inspire and motivate people. She's perfectly happy with her life and she wants to share that happiness with everyone that she gets connected with. She believes that any individual has the ability to achieve his goals and fulfill his purpose. 

*She compiled all of her previous blogs to one blog and entitled it with 'Blossoming Happy Life' simply because throughout the years, she saw how her life blossomed. She's been blogging since 2010 and if you'll read her posts from the first to the previous one, you'll notice her improvement from being a very-awkward-writer to a 'tolerable one'.  

Now, she wants to share her blossoming life with everybody, praying that she'll be able to encourage and motivate everyone to find ways in creating happiness in their lives on a daily basis!

In this blog, she writes about everything (a girl knows ^_^):
DIY projects, 
and most of all, her faith in Jesus!

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