Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It feels like somebody's squeezing my heart...

I'm planning to share with you some of the most memorable times I spent with my family when my Uncle David from Florida paid us some visit last year. There was too much to share because we went to many different places.

But as I was adgitizing, I came across Kikamz Stuttgart's blog post. In her latest post, she posted the trailer of the movie entitled Autumn in New York. The moment I finished watching, I realized my tears were already falling... 

While watching the trailer, I remembered the "man" I like so much. 

I have a very strong feelings for him it makes me weak. I hope he's doing fine. I hope he's alright. I wish I could be with him right now to take care of him... 

And even if I know that at times "promises can be broken", I still believe that one day he will show up at my doorsteps and right then we'll be together, forever. Even if the circumstances makes it impossible for me to hope for the better, I believe in my heart that it will not hinder me from waiting... I don't even have any idea if he knows how I feel. I hope he does, I hope I had made it clear. Because for now, I'm trying to set myself out right. Setting things in order in my personal life.

So, instead of writing something interesting about our tours, I'm experiencing a heart-breakdown. I want to cry, I want to just lie down and think of him. Hoping that in the next few minutes I'll be able to sleep. And if I wake up, his face is the first thing I'll see. Ahhh! If only I could post my heart here to let you see what I feel.

Hmmm... This is so far, my most revealing-my-heart-out post. I hate writing something emotional, especially when it comes to someone so special in my heart. He is a private part of my life. And I intend to keep it that way. But this is the only way I know to squeeze out some painful feelings my heart is bearing right now.

Please note that the only reason why I'm feeling so lonely is the waiting period and the thought that he might change his mind... I hope not.

***This is my official entry for the blogger Red's blogversary contest. The reason why I chose this as my most memorable experience as a blogger is because I will never forget that movie. I'm greatly moved by the story which I've only find out from blog-hopping.