Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Philippine Flag

On June 12, the Philippines, my home country, celebrated it's National Independence Day. I can't remember what's the exact day I went to the mall with my siblings and other friends to hang out. But I think it's before the special day, and this is what we saw on the event center: the "yema" segregated according to the colors of it's cellophane to form our country's flag. I think it's cool ^_^


zoan said...

wow super cool ha. pinoy lang talaga ang makakaisip ng ganyan. :)

and it is great to see co-Pinoys showing their love for our country, dba? ehehe

Khaye said...

Oo nga. Ang cute, noh? Hehe...
Thanks for your comment!!!

janix said...

no problem :D akin yung zowanderer na site:D (zoan here)

thanks sa comment sa blog ng bf ko. hehehe

invite din sana kita sumali sa contest ni red, kung interested ka, i badly needed some referral points kasi :(