Monday, November 29, 2010

Interview with Miss Farrah Easter

I love singing. Though I didn't want to really sing before, I've come to evaluate my life and realize that singing is one way of expressing one's love for God. My love for singing grew deeper day by day. And it hurts me deeply when I talk to some people about music and they say they love music very much but the feelings are not compatible.

I truly believe that when you put your heart on anything you do, you'll eventually master the task no matter how hard it may seem at first. And my goal now is to interview people who are known for their wonderful God-given talents. This is not to make them famous, but to inspire other people on pursuing their love for music and begin to work on it.

My first interviewee is Miss Farrah Easter who was born in Manila (Philippines). Growing up in the States, she went to  Olive Branch High and Northwest Community College. After that she went to Indiana Bible College to take up Social Science degree and became a member of their chorale and Praise team. She's a great singer who can truly minister to people with her breathtaking voice. I love her style in singing. When you hear her sing, you may be able to say this girl can sing! For I did.

Here are the few questions I asked her...
Question: How old are you when you started singing in front of many people?
Farrah: Nine

Question: Who is/are your favorite singer/s?
Farrah: Secular - Christina Aguilera. 
Christian - Jody McBrayer, Fred Hammond, Cece Winans, Israel Houghton.

Question: Your passion for singing is always visible when you perform. Do you have any inspirations?
Farrah: Lia Matthews and Joy Kilmon-McGarr.

Question: Who do you consider your greatest mentor in singing? Why?
Farrah: No one.

Question:  What is/are your favorite song/s?
Farrah: When Love Calls You Home by Commissioned

Question:  How do you take care of your voice? Can you share any tip/s on how to improve the vocal sound of a person?
Farrah: Refer to my note called "a little something every singer should know..." LOTS of stuff there!  (If you want to read her note, click  here.)

Question: What encouraging words can you share with people who wants to become a singer for Jesus?
Farrah: You have to realize that it's all about HIM and not about the attention you may receive. Genuine anointing leaves a lasting impression...far more than perfection. We sing to MINISTER, not to compete. 

Farrah, aged 23, is now residing in Memphis, TN. She attends at The Pentecostal Church under Pastor Terry Black. When asked about her future plans in her ministry, she answered, "Waiting on the Lord...."


I EXTEND MERCY by Farrah Easter
(From the 2009 LIVE Recording "Changing Times")


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Nice article, Miss Khaye!
I'm looking forward to more articles like this... ^___^
Sana ma-interview mo din si May Nalasa.
I also like the video. Miss Farrah is truly a great singer.

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Questo articolo è stato estremamente interessante, soprattutto perché ero alla ricerca di pensieri su questo argomento Giovedi scorso.

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@Miss Green, I'll try. But she's not in FB anymore :(

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