Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The Holy  Bible's King James Version is now celebrating it's 400th years. With regards to this, Thomas Nelson published the book entitled THE TREASURE OF GOD'S WORD - Celebrating 400 Years of the King James Version

I've never realized the importance of reading the Bible using the King James Version until the day I read this book. Jack Countryman made my comprehension on the necessity more understandable. 

In this book, he compiled the history behind the King James Version. Written were why and how it all abruptly started without even planning for it. Soon, King James chose scholars to translate the Holy Bible from Latin and Greek to English.

Reading this book, I feel like I've traveled back to 1600's. As I explore through those years, I can see how these scholars managed to translate the Bible and then reviewing it again to reveal it's inner beauty in a way that people would love reading it. The scholars were also careful on translating the words closely to the original passages.

Combined in the history were chosen Scriptures/Verses from the Holy Bible, divided into specific topics. The compiled verses were some of the favorite verses in the Holy Bible that are helpful for our daily lives. They may serve as Daily Devotional Passages as you read the book through.

I also fell in love on the hard-bound cover of the book which is very artistically designed.

For people who are still confused on why it is important to read the Holy Bible in King James Version, I definitely recommend this book to you!

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from BookSneeze. I'm blessed to be chosen to write a review for them. Aside from the free book, no other means of compensation is given.

Thank you so much BookSneeze!!!