Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Time Interview Failure

This is it. The day that I'm always dreading for has finally arrived...

My first time application and interview for a job ever!!!

On my way to the company I'm applying at, I've had second thoughts of whether to pursue applying or just get back home. I can feel my mind boggling and I can even hear some buzzing sounds as if two parts of my brain were talking to each other.

As the jeepney approach to the company's location, my heart started to increase it's beating rate. While getting off the jeepney, I tried to relax myself so I can focus on not tripping on the sidewalk. For I can trip a million times with a flat shoes whenever I'm nervous.

I went in with confidence though I didn't know which among the buildings to enter. The lady guard gave me the directions and then off I went. I asked another guard on the other side of the building and before I knew it, I was already entering the company I've been wanting to apply at for a very long time.

The first step was easy. I submitted my resume, along with the other three applicants, to a lady guard. She
made us sign a logging book and then she gave each of us a paper wherein we have to sign our names and character references. That's not easy for me since my number is new and I haven't added contact numbers on my phone yet.

After signing that paper, I gave it back to the lady guard. The next step is signing online. I went to another room with no door and have 15-20 computers in it. I sat at the vacant one. And did all the procedures that's written on a laminated paper. It's easy. I finished for only 5 minutes.

When I'm done, the lady guard asked me to go to the waiting room, which is located on the right side of the entrance door. Well, this room has a door and is full of chairs. It's like one of those chairs in an airport's lobby area. The chairs are facing the window and the entrance door is on the left side. On the corner right side of the room beside the window, is a door that leads to another room.

I know that the next step is going to be the hardest part. But I'm not nervous anymore. I just kept on thinking that if this is for me, I'll have it. But if not, God will reveal me later why...

So after waiting anxiously for what seems like an eternity, a guy named Aron (the name which he told us later on) went out of the door and called for four names, including me.

I stood up easily, not feeling even a tiny bit of nervousness. Inside the door, was another room that's full of computers again. There are only few people who are in there. Instantly I thought that we're having another computer assessment test. But Aron led us to a small hallway on the left side of the room. On that hallway, there are few doors on each side of the wall. We entered the second room to the left.

The room is so small. There's a single small table with a computer on it. Then five chairs that are so close to each because of the tiny space. As Aron closed the door, he greeted us and introduced himself. And that's when it hit me! The nervousness back to roaming through my veins again. I was going easy at first but when my companions answered the greetings nervously, I felt a lump on my throat as well.

Aron informed us that he isn't the one who's gonna interview us. He just asked what are we applying for. Then he told us to wait for the interviewer before he went outside.

The knock on the door made me almost jump on my feet. The interviewer is a lady, whose name slipped my mind due to the overwhelming pang of uneasiness.

She asked us to introduce ourselves and each of us was also asked a unique question to answer. I am the last one that's interviewed. I was kind of laughing all the way while the others are speaking because it appears that I'm the only high school graduate, they're all college level persons. And the guy beside me was even a nursing board passer! Another thing why I was giggling inside my mind is because, I've noticed grammatical errors while they spoke. So the fact that they are college graduates but can't even perfect a speech deflated my sense of insecurity. Not that I think proudly and highly of myself. What I'm thinking is, it would also be alright if I can't speak a speech that's free from grammatical errors because even them can't.

So... You might be interested in what she asked me. Here's her question: "What is your greatest regret in life?"

I could have answered none! I couldn't really think of any... But as talkative as I always am and my nervousness was finally gone by that time, I answered that question of the only thing I've ever regret doing in my life. And please, don't push me into saying it to you coz I won't. Hahaha!

After my answer, the lady interviewer excused herself and went outside to review our answers. After few minutes, Aron went back with a smile on his face, giving the information that none of us passed the interview.

Wew! Thank God, I can breathe better now. ^_^