Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last Friday, my dear friends and I went to hike on a mountain nearby our place. We had so much FUN soaking ourselves in the mini falls (but not so much FUN in walking. haha). The water is so cool. And it is totally worth the walk. We slept there for the night and went back home on Saturday afternoon. The moment we reached home, we wanted to go back again!!!

Once again, I thought about how great GOD is!!! It's hard to ignore His awesomeness when you are beholding His creations... 

Here are some photos we took during our stay there ^_^

That's the first thing I did - test how cold is the water...Bbrrrr but I love it!

This is where we slept for the night... It's so cold....

Our Saturday Morning Breakfast... Guess what?!!! I cooked all that!!! WOW!!! And they ate them!!! And they didn't get sick of it!!! LOL
My sweet girls soaking in the watersss of the mini falls

The girls loving the water