Thursday, February 16, 2012

Touching Hearts and Lives

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Last Saturday, my sister and I went to visit our new friend.

She's a married woman with 4 kids. Her first 3 kids were from her first broken relationship. She's now with her second partner and gave birth to her fourth baby last December. We met them last year and became so close ever since. My parents and siblings have been visiting her without me because I'm always at work whenever they go. 

But the last time they went, her health was in a very bad condition. So, I planned to see her and finally went last Saturday. 

I was surprised. Actually, I'm appalled. She's a petite lady and I was so sad when I saw she's very skinny right now. You can see some girls who are skinny and they look just fine. But her condition is different. She looked unhealthy... and lonely. After getting over our "hi and how are you's", she finally told me(and my sis) about the real situation of her current relationship with the father of her youngest daughter. She never goes out of their house. She don't have any friends. Her family won't come and visit her(there are valid reasons). Finally, she cried her heart out. I'm so heart broken. I hate it when my friends cry. I feel like I want to take their place and suffer instead of seeing them broken.

Then, I thought about how many other people are silently weeping because they don't have someone to talk with. I'm glad my sister and I came over. 

So, I encourage everyone to see the people you love once in a while. You never know when they need you the most.