Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking back...

I went to the mall with my sister this morning. I have to make some transactions with the bank at the mall. I'm not in the mood for walking alone so I asked my sis to go with me.

On our way home, while walking under the heat of the sun, a car suddenly honked loudly at our back. I am very much disgusted with these drivers who keep on honking as if they own the street! So, I turned and looked if it was us whom this vehicle was honking at.

As I turn, I saw a man riding on a tree wheeled bicycle, cycling hardly. He was with his family. I saw the agony on his face while he tried very hard to cycle faster. The vehicle, which I latter discovered that is a van, keeps on honking at him. The van can't overtake the bicycle because there are also vehicles passing through the other side of the street.

I thought to myself that if I were only a person who doesn't have any values, I would have spoken a curse against the driver of the van. I feel so bad about him and I almost loose my temper.

We, as believers of Christ sometimes find ourselves in this kind of situation.

On our lowly lives, we ask God to hear our cries and bless us richly. Our God is a merciful God and when He saw how faithful His sons are, there is no reason for Him to close the windows of heaven for us. And when GOD blesses, it pours.

The sad thing that mostly happen to us is that when we are already blessed, we tend to forget where we came from. We easily ignore people in the church who are greatly and deeply broken. We start to think highly of ourselves for gaining such riches in this world. We fail to recognize that without God, we wouldn't be able to acquire material blessings on Earth. Sometimes, we even act as if we are the boss of the lowly people's lives.

STOP THINKING THAT WAY! Start looking back... From where you've been and on who you were before. Forget all the pains and sorrows you've experienced. But never forget how our good Lord saved you and blessed you abundantly.

Be careful... Because blessings, if not handled very well can also lead us into destruction.

There's nothing wrong about being materially blessed. Just always remember how to look back and learn to stretch your hand for those who are in need.