Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I wasn't able to update my blog for the previous months. I have been busy doing some stuffs at church, running some errands at home and finishing some paper works - that's what I have clouded my mind with.

But HONESTLY, what consumes my time most are the unending surfing, reading nonsense in the internet, browsing some pictures, sleeping, chatting, facebooking and so on... Yeah, I've been busy of some things written on the first paragraph but the real thing is that those were not the things which have consumed most of my time. 

 If I am going to compute and see where I spent most of my time with - SLEEPING will be number one on the list.

Most Christians have been acting so "BUSY" lately, with the things which are not really worth their time and effort. Forgetting the things which matters in the future. The future that will bring us to the permanent destination of our being, leaving the temporary things behind including our body which will turn back to the dust when we die.

WAKE UP Children of GOD! We are in the LAST DAYS. The fields are so white now. People are broken, left behind, wounded, crushed - they need LOVE. 
They need SOMEONE to show them the LIGHT. 
They need SOMEONE to guide them.
They need SOMEONE to help them see what God has in store for them.
They need SOMEONE to tell them how precious their souls are.
They need SOMEONE to remind them how JESUS died on the cross, redeeming us from our sins.
They need SOMEONE to lead them to the CHURCH - where they will be able to experience joy unspeakable, peace, love, affection, warm friendships.

The world needs YOU! And the people need you right now!!!

The signs of the last days are happening now - we need to double our actions! We need to light the fading fire! Enough for the nonsense things. Enough for focusing on the temporal matters - they might be important and needed some attention, too. But we must NEVER forget that when we die, what matters will be what we've done for CHRIST and not what we've done for our FLESH!!!

RISE UP church! The world needs you. 
Continue to SHINE. 
Continue to ENCOURAGE. 
Continue to LOVE. 
Continue to INSPIRE. 
Continue to PRAY FOR THE LOST. 
Continue to MINISTER.