Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Beauty of a Christ-like Lady

 -I dedicate this poem to every Apostolic lady who desires nothing else than to be just a Christ-like lady.

*The beauty of a Christ-like Lady*

A woman who feared God shall be praised, Where she lives the banners are raised,

That everyone will know how wonderful her spirit is
And they shall see in her head the meaning of true glory.

Her lips are sweet - uttering the language of love.
In her eyes - gazes of sincerity can be found.
No man can provoke her into ungodly lusts,
For she held on her integrity with pride and just.

In her heart – a real compassion resides.
She willingly submits to her husband with love.
To her children – she is the greatest woman alive,
In her arms they can find a comforting affection for life.

The way she dresses is of true modesty,
For she cannot let anyone condemn her God-given beauty.
She doesn’t aspire to be called the earthly meaning of sexy,
And neither goes astray for she never follows a trend that’s worldly.

She walks with pride and plain dignity.
Heads turn because like a star she’s shining.
She stays humble and desires for only one significant thing
And that is to be a Christ-like lady.