Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today, me and my family attended an Interment. I could always cry at any emotional moment possible. But knowing the story behind the death of this child squeezes my heart so tight I couldn't breathe.

The name of the boy is Jhian. He's one year and 6 months old. He suffered from Urinary Tract Infection. The doctor said to the parents that the infection had oozed to the other parts of the boy's body. The enlargement of his stomach is very visible. Everytime he pee, a small amount of pus will come out but no urine at all. The mother said she couldn't bear the sight of him crying because of his difficulty in urinating.

The last days of his life were a torment for his parents. They tried to fight for his life. Until it was
only the "pump" that kept him alive. The mother then realized that they have to let him go because the boy's body is very weak. Even his brain was already affected with the infection.

I saw this boy few weeks before he died. In his eyes, I saw innocence mixed with an agony only he can feel. He looks so vulnerable and naive. The moment I saw his parents looking at his coffin this morning made me bit my lips and fought back the tears that were trying to escape from my eyes. Good thing I was wearing sunglasses.

Life is short. Life is precious. I believe that those who suffered from loosing a loved one are those who values their lives even more.

I hope you treasure the life God has given you...