Monday, October 25, 2010

My Christmas Wishlist

In Year 2008, I've started writing the things that I want to have personally. It's not exactly a "Christmas Wishlist". Just one of those random things that I write. So, in a notebook, I wrote the top things that I want to buy myself. These things are what I plan to buy if ever I'm able to work.

I could never ever forget writing laptop and digital camera in the first two numbers of the list. Across the things, written are the dates when I started praying for them.

And you know what? In Januray 5, 2009 - I was able to acquire those two things plus an mp3 player and a video camcorder without even spending a dime! The things that I've been wanting to have were given to me as "special gifts". I'm always tearing up whenever I remember that moment in my life. Long story which I might be able to share with you in the near future.

So, this year, I'm not really expecting something as expensive as those. But given the chance to say the things I wish to receive for a gift this Christmas - I'm gonna tell three things: 

1) A pink acoustic guitar - I really want to learn playing guitar. And I want to have my own so I could use it anytime I want to.

2) Skecher's shape up shoes - Of course, any rubber shoes will do as long as it's pink. I want to have one so I could start jogging again! My rubber shoes are hurting my feet so bad!

3) An iPad - I'm not really into the "in" thing. I was just amazed by how iPad works for e-books! I'm awestrucked! But perhaps a kindle will do. ^_^

This is just a random thought. No feelings in me would be hurt if I'm not able to get this things for Christmas. But you wouldn't be able to imagine how happy I could be if I get these things!

So friends, if you are really kind enough. maybe you could spare me some dime to help me raise funds and buy these stuffs. If you have noticed, I've placed a picture of my wishlist on the upper left side and below is a donation button that you can hit anytime in case you want to donate some bucks to me. Thank you so much in advance! ^_^