Sunday, November 28, 2010

Broken/Don't Pass Me By - Indiana Bible College

I've listened to this song for a thousand times. It never gets old. I love the message and it uplifts my soul everytime I listen to it...I hope you'll listen and enjoy... 

He'll Do It Again 

Just Like Before 

He'll Heal Your Broken Heart 

Your life he can restore    

He'll Do It Again

Cause He's Your Best Friend

He'll Never Let You Down, He'll Never Let You Down 

Chorus Repeat x10 

Lord I Am Broke 

and My Life Is In Pieces 

but Your Strength Is 

Perfect In All of My Weakness 

Vamp Repeat x4 

Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus 

I'm Calling You Repeat x4

I Know I'm Broken but 

You Can Heal Me 

Jesus Jesus I'm Calling You 

Bridge Repeat x2 

I Might Not Be Worth Much

but I'm Still Willing 

Jesus Jesus I'm Calling You 

Jesus Jesus I'm Calling You!