Friday, February 4, 2011

Let the PRAISE be heard!

Being involved in the music ministry, I have long understood the vital role of “music” in church. As I have studied in the Old and New Testament, people who believes in God observes the proper way of worship.
I have grown more compassionate in worshiping the Lord and offering Him the highest praise that I decided to step up my worship life on to the next level.
While meditating on why and how to offer our sincerest praise to God, I came up with a very practical point…
When a person is inlove with another individual, it is impossible to refrain from noticing the best things on him/her. The person inlove is bound to speak all the words of love and flattery just to make that special someone feel happy. Whether it be about his/her appearance or attitude, a person inlove cannot stop the urge of “praising” his/her beloved.
While we loved being appreciated by those we like, isn’t it very provoking to receive compliments from people whom we loathed? Have you ever meditated on the feeling of being “praised”?
There are so many positive things that can happen to a person when he/she is complimented. It gives someone a sense of pride. It releases him/her from the bounds of doubts and inability to believe in his/herself. It makes someone happy. It makes someone feel lighter and brighter. It makes someone feel great about him/herself. It makes someone’s day!
How much more if the praise is addressed to the most High God? The One who created the universe. The One who invented the day where we can work and night where we can sleep. The One who makes us live each day – providing us the oxygen we need to survive every millisecond. The One who is our Great Provider, our Healer, our Comforter, our deliver… OUR SAVIOR!
Above all else, it is JESUS who deserves the HIGHEST PRAISE. Isn’t it wonderful to make Him feel happy with every song we sing? Isn’t it wonderful to make Him feel proud of every word we utter (encouragements, advices, comforts, etc.)? Isn’t it wonderful to make Him smile every time we thank Him for just being Our God – Our maker?!
Yes, God loves hearing our praises. He loves the sweet sound of our voices no matter how bad it may sound on the ears of other people. Don’t mind them. It’s God whom we have to please…
Oh, how I love praising God… I love Him so much that it is impossible for me to pass a day without recognizing His goodness and greatness. I vowed that everytime I sing, I will sing with full understanding and give my very best. It’s frustrating when I don’t get the perfect pitch. But my greatest comfort is when He moves, when His presence is covering me… It allows me to forget who I am. To forget about the people. To forget about criticisms. To forget about myself. And completely surrender my love for Him… My passion of pleasing Him with everything that I am, with everything that I have, with everything that I can offer. I can never outgive Him. I can never outlove Him. But I can make Him happy and proud and I can make Him move…when the praise I offer is sincerely coming from my heart.
How about you?

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