Saturday, November 12, 2011


Are you a dreamer like me? If you are, then you must know how frustrating that can be.

One day you feel like you can reach the stars against all odds. The next day, you think it’s time to give up the hope.

I personally know how it is to dream big and to fail. Disappointed. It’s not an easy due to some natural constraints in life that we encounter everyday. One of the things which usually causes someone to dismiss the dream is lack of money.

Six or seven years ago, I dream of going to college, getting a career and earn big.

I was totally disgusted, heart broken, torn into pieces when I’ve learned I could not go… Then, the hope arises each year… Then fails again.

I went to thepoint of giving up. I just went with the everyday life. Take the works I can and live the way like any normal people do.

Getting rid of the clutters in life ( mentally, physically and literally),I got out of my comfort zone and realized (with a total amazement) that I could still dream. I could still hope. And yes, I can actually work to reach the peak of success in my life. People define success by earning heaps of dollars (or in my country, pesos).
But I just realized that it’s not truly about money.

It’s about what you do with your life. It’s about the person you have become. It’s about being able to freely do the things you love without being pushed by people’s expectation.

Oh, what a life that would be! I have never been happier til I realized I can still dream…And reach it!
And yes, I believe you can reach that success too!

Let me share with you a video of Yolanda Adam’s song called “Never Give Up”. She performed it in the White House. And wow, President Bush is there! ;)

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Lorilee Lippincott said...

hey, great post. I struggle with dreaming big and facing disappointment a bunch. Without dreaming big I wouldn't get anywhere. Good luck with your dreams!