Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 is here...

I'm finally back on my long abandoned blog. Oh. Wow. Can't believe it! I am so ready to get through this year and excited at the same time of what I'm going to accomplish.

So, as the year 2012 is still fresh, I'd like to share with you 3 little things we need to keep in mind to make the best out of this year.

1. BE ENTHUSIASTIC - Forget all about the dramas of life. 2011 has passed and a brand new year has come. It would be wonderful to welcome it with a very positive and high-spirited attitude. Such strong positive emotion will lead you into doing great things in your life.

2. BE READY - No matter how we try to keep a positive outlook in life, there would certainly be a point in our lives when we hit the lowest. Knowing that we will pass through these things, we should be prepared. Gone are the days of ignorance that we always get caught unaware by crazy circumstances in life. So as much as you keep the enthusiasm in your body, do keep in mind as well that everything are not meant to be perfect. It will be easier to accept life's agonies when you have an open mind and a ready heart.

3. LIVE MINIMALLY - Of course, there's nothing like practicing minimalism in every aspect of your life. Choose the words you say. Choose what you purchase - and purchase as less as you can. Spend less time rummaging through the negativity of life for you to be able to appreciate the beauty of living even more.

I hope you will have a wonderful year ahead!

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Lorilee said...

Yes, amen to all three. 2011 is done and 2012 will be even better :)