Thursday, January 26, 2012

10 Ways To Be Happy When You're Single

I’m running 24 this year, still single and yes, I’m happy. I won’t be hypocrite though. I must admit that there are days when I wonder when will I be able to feel the magical feelings of love. From what I see, there are so many young people nowadays, both boys and girls who are just like me. The problem is, most of them didn’t know how to suppress their emotions and just jump off right into the relationship without thinking.
But this blog post is not for them, it is for you. Yes, for you who is single and old enough to be in a relationship yet no one’s to help you out. I know there are times when life can be frustrating. And other times, it’s very annoying. Especially when people raise their brows or exclaims with unbelief why in the world you’re still single when you are “cute, beautiful, attractive, talented, kind and everything”.
The truth is you can be happy even if you’re still single even at the age of who-knows-how-old you are. The bad news is that people around you don’t understand that and will force you to think that being in a relationship is better than being single. Based on my observations, it really depends on the situation. But if you want to do something worthwhile in your life and you are trying to find ways to be happy while you’re still single, then read on.
1) First, you have to think about the advantages of being single. When you’re in a relationship, there are so may restrictions and rules to follow. No matter how good the relationship is, you have limitations such as the way you spend your time, who can you spend your time with and more. So for the freedom, be happy.
2) Create your own version of happiness. I’m happy when I read. I’m happy when I sing. I’m happy when I talk with my sister. Just do something that you think will make you happy and spend more time doing it. It’s better than sitting on the dark corner of your room and sulking because you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend.
3) Enhance your talents. Enhance your skills. When we focus on becoming the best of what we are, there’s a feeling of complete happiness, satisfaction and contentment that even being in a relationship cannot offer. You’ll never feel as much accomplished as you would when you’re doing the best in everything you do. Believe me :)
4) Do something that you’ve never done before. Run a mile. Stay overnight at a five star hotel. Go hiking.
5) Connect with people. Relationship requires time. And sometimes, it also mean losing time for others. So, enjoy the fun of being with your friends while you still have the freedom to do so. Yes, you can still do that when you’re already in a relationship, but not any time you want.
6) Be friends with strangers. As a Christian, we need to be friends with strangers. If you haven’t done it yet, do it now while you’re still single. Someday, you’ll have a testimony to share with your spouse.
7) Be active in church. Attend as much church activities as you can and get involved. It’s that season of your life where you have to enjoy the fun of being youth and single for that matter. Don’t neglect it.
8) If there is an available ministry in the church for teaching children’s Sunday school teacher, apply for it. I’ll be honest with you on this. It’s always refreshing to teach young, lively and innocent kids. Aside from the fact that it can be a good practice to use for your future children (yeah), it’s really exciting to be with kids. They are so full of energy and you will find their innocence very amusing.
9) Spend more time with your family. I have always loved being close to my family. But last year, our relationship got deeper as we traveled through the adversities of life. As we spend more time together, I became completely happy and totally forgot that I’m still single. :)
10) Live up on your purpose. You are not living for nothing. So, do what you are ought to do.
Above all these things, you have to work on getting closer more to God. He alone can help you endure the loneliness of being a single. And He alone can remind you the beautiful future He has in store for you. When you have developed your love for God and you allowed Him to reveal Himself to you, I assure you there’s nothing in this world could matter anymore. Life is complete with Him, we are nothing without Him.

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